Carly Eglin

COO of Pabian Law
Co-Founder/COO of Seasonal Connect

Carly Eglin is the Co-Founder/COO of Seasonal Connect and the COO of Pabian Law. Carly speaks often at conferences and on webinars about issues specific to seasonal employment. Her goal is to educate organizations about best practices, inform them of latest trends in the hospitality industry, and highlight solutions to organizations’ seasonal employment challenges. As a native of Cape Cod, Carly has also worked in the hospitality industry as a seasonal worker herself, which provides her with a dual perspective into the challenges of the hospitality and seasonal world.

Carly has been working in the seasonal employment space for over fifteen years and the immigration law space for eight years. She lives with her wife and three dogs in central Massachusetts and loves to go to the beach in her time off.

Carly E