Pabian BOOM!

Pabian BOOM! Streamlines your casework

Introducing Pabian BOOM! — a first-of-its-kind, innovative, and proprietary software and platform for Pabian Law clients to track petitions, understand deadlines, access Approval Notices and retention documents, securely upload documents, and so much more without compromising Pabian Law’s dedication to customer service and client communications.



Pabian BOOM! Features

Access important information for each H-2B visa filing, including:

  • The status of all open cases (including outstanding items)
  • The company’s document library
  • Items that Pabian Law is requesting from the organization
  • Upcoming items that the organization will need to prepare for visa petition filings

Edit important company information:

  • Information for point(s) of contact
  • Company details (e.g. -FEIN number, company name/DBA name, etc.).

Securely upload documents directly to Pabian Law

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