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Personal Touch, Global Reach

Pabian Law is a national immigration law firm focused on the hospitality industry. We are one of the largest filers of H-2B seasonal visa petitions for those in the lodging, private club, ski area, and other seasonal industries. In addition, we work with our hospitality clients on year-round and permanent immigration solutions for their international staff.

At Pabian Law, we are dedicated to our clients. Whether a client is hiring a new employee, sponsoring an employee for U.S. Lawful Permanent Residency, or has
an issue with the government, Pabian Law is committed to providing a fresh, cutting-edge, client-centered approach that is results-driven and customer service-focused. Pabian Law is comprised of over 50 team members spread across the country in over a dozen states.

Pabian Law is also committed to education and trainings. We routinely provide
in-person and virtual trainings with our clients, as well as with trade associations. Our commitment to education allows our clients to properly plan and strategize in allowing them to successfully utilize foreign nationals to solve their staffing needs.

Regardless of your organization’s experience with the visa and immigration process, Pabian Law will not only recommend the best visa and immigration
options available, but will also be there at every stage to ensure that the visa and immigration process is as seamless and stress-free as possible for the organization, the employee, and the employee’s family members.

We have been recognized as one of the preeminent immigration practices focusing on seasonal businesses in North America for our hard-work, client dedication, and our fast and efficient results.

Why Pabian Law

Our immigration practice has developed a unique niche in representing seasonal businesses in the hospitality industry across the United States in visa and immigration matters.

Client-centered, customer-service dedicated approach

Pabian Law strives to treat our clients like you treat yours, with the highest level of professionalism and commitment to detail.

Tailored Expertise for hospitality industry

Pabian Law has a unique specialty in working with the club, resort, and hospitality industries. This allows us to understand the specific issues that our clients encounter on a daily basis and in turn to provide practical, real-world, and industry-specific advice.

Proactive, forward-looking approach

Our team is esteemed for its unwavering dedication to delivering consistent reminders and updates regarding visa and immigration procedures, along with information impacting your organization and the industry at large. Given the stringent deadlines for specific visas that impact the private club, resort, and hospitality sectors, being proactive is crucial now more than ever.

H-2B proprietary software

Pabian Law has introduced the first and only H-2B proprietary software, known as Pabian BOOM! This platform is provided free of charge to all Pabian Law clients. It offers various features, allowing employers to securely and effortlessly upload H-2B worker documents in a grid-like format. Additionally, workers and recruiters can independently upload documents. Pabian BOOM! has transformed the document collection process for H-2B visa workers, saving clients significant time and frustration in navigating the H-2B visa procedures. Plus, it’s free of charge!

Pabian Law’s unique specialization in the hospitality industry allows us to be at the forefront of immigration issues affecting your organization. We use this knowledge to create a proactive, customized approach for your clients.



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