Specializing in Immigration Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

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Client-Centered Approach Solving Your Seasonal and Year-Round Needs

Pabian Law is a national immigration law firm focused on the hospitality industry. We are one of the largest filers in the country of H-2B visa petitions for those in the lodging, private club, and ski industries. In addition, we work with our hospitality clients on year-round and permanent immigration solutions for their international staff.

Personal Touch, Global Reach Expert Guidance and Strategy for your Hospitality Business

Pabian Law’s unique specialization in the hospitality industry puts us at the forefront of immigration issues affecting your organization. We use our knowledge of the industry to create a proactive, forward-looking, customized approach for our clients. Whether a client is hiring a new employee, sponsoring an employee for U.S. Lawful Permanent Residency, or has an issue with the government, Pabian Law is committed to providing a customer-service focused solution.



Seasonal Visas
Green Card
TN and O-1
Year-Round Visas
Trainings, Tutorials,
and Seminars
Executive and
Managerial Visas
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Pabian BOOM! H-2B Visa Proprietary Software

In its commitment to enhancing client experience, Pabian Law has introduced Pabian BOOM!, the exclusive H-2B visa software. This platform, offered at no cost to all Pabian Law clients, provides a range of functionalities. Employers can securely and effortlessly upload H-2B worker documents in a grid-like format. Moreover, workers and recruiters have the autonomy to upload documents independently, thereby reducing their workload. Pabian BOOM! has transformed the document collection process for H-2B visa workers, saving clients significant time and frustration in navigating the H-2B visa procedures. And did we mention, it comes complimentary?

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Seasonal Connect Join the Seasonal Connect Community

An interactive platform solving seasonal organizations’ most pressing staffing and operational needs. Seasonal Connect, a sister company to Pabian Law, helps solve seasonal challenges by connecting employers and workers worldwide through a first-of-its kind platform and collaborative community.

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