Headbutting Ball

Pabian Law has been recognized nationally and internationally as one of the leading providers of sports immigration services. We have developed a unique specialization in representing professional sports leagues, franchises, athletes, and coaches across the nation and the world in visa and immigration matters.  We are able to offer your league, team, athlete, and coach the following services:

We Understand the Urgency of Sports

Pabian Law works to have visa petitions approved as quickly as possible to have your players and coaches where you want them – on the field and ice.

We are available 24/7, so when you call us on a Sunday night needing an athlete to play in Wednesday’s game, we will do our best to get that athlete on the field or ice for that game.

Substantial Savings on Visa Costs

We have taken steps to help save your team from paying extra government filing fees.  We have worked with U.S. immigration officials to receive permission to include multiple players on one visa petition.  Therefore, rather than paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for each player’s visa, you may only have to pay once.  Additionally, we may be able to identify situations where you may be able to use an approved visa petition from the past for a new player, allowing you to avoid government filing fees entirely.

Assistance in Scheduling Consulate Appointments

At some point in the visa process, your foreign athletes will likely need to go to a U.S. consulate or embassy outside of the United States to have their P-1 visa printed into their passports.  Often this occurs mid-season, when you have a very small window of time to have your athletes go to the appointment and have the visas issued.  Pabian Law works diligently with our clients to assist in requesting appointments when and where you want them and asking that the visas be issued in an expedited timeframe.

Canadian Visas Made Fast and Easy

Will your team be playing games in Canada this season? If so, some members of your team may need visas to enter Canada.  Pabian Law assists teams in applying for Canadian visas as well as United States visas. Similar to our U.S. visa practice, we work with our clients to obtain the visas as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Expertise on Green Cards for Athletes and Coaches

Pabian Law has worked with hundreds of top professional and international athletes and coaches to successfully procure green cards (U.S. Lawful Permanent Residency).  We have a unique knowledge of what is needed to successfully petition as a top-level athlete or coach.  Our clients include decorated professional athletes, Olympic medalists, FIFA World Cup champions, and up-and-coming athletes.