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Location:Framingham, Massachusetts

Formore information contact:

CarlyWilliams, Director of Operations

carly@pabianlaw. com

Firm Overview

PabianLaw was launched in 2013 with a clear goal: provide outstanding immigrationlegal services to companies and organizations across the United States througha responsive, friendly, and clear and understandable model. Today, we have grown to represent clientswith operations in all 50 states who rely on our team to secure visas andimmigration benefits for their cherished foreign national staff.

PabianLaw is now looking to take on a new and exciting challenge: growth! What started as a 4 person law firm will soonbe 35+ team members all committed to delivering on the same goals that we hadat the outset. Are you ready to grow with us?

The Role

PabianLaw’s corporate green card practice has expanded rapidly, assisting leadingedge companies and organizations sponsor foreign nationals in emerging fieldssuch as science, technology, engineering, math, hospitality, analytics andothers for U.S. Lawful Permanent Residency. We are seeking a person to assist in managing our corporate green cardprocess (the PERM process). The job responsibilitiesinclude:

  • Managea team of 4-8 Paralegals and Operations staff;
  • Coordinatewith attorneys, Practice Area Managers, immigration paralegals, and theOperations team to ensure that work is completed, meeting agreed upondeadlines;
  • Supervisethe preparation of cover letters, recruitment materials, forms, and otherdocumentation for PERM green card petitions;
  • Closelymonitor all internal and external deadlines within the practice area;
  • AssistPractice Area Manager in managing the work flow and work product of Paralegalsand Junior Paralegals as well as reviewing work product and providing edits andfeedback to the Paralegals and Junior Paralegals;
  • Actas a liaison between the practice area and the Operations team, communicatingwith the team members with regards to work flow;
  • Reviewsupporting documents provided by clients and ensure that they contain therequired information, make edits where necessary;
  • Correspondwith clients regarding case status and non-legal questions involving theircases (ex: what additional documents are needed/case status/etc.);
  • Maintainan overall knowledge of Pabian Law’s protocols, best practices, and types ofclients/cases; and
  • Identifyand suggest process improvements on an ongoing basis.


  • 3-5 years of employment experience preparingPERM green card applications
  • Bachelor’sdegree required

Please email a cover letter,resume, and writing sample to carly@pabianlaw. com.

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